Participating Bars and Lounges

  • Bread Street Kitchen

    Enjoy 50% off Pimm’s Glass, Endless Summer, Tipsy Grinch and Dill & Tonic cocktail.

    • Tue: 6pm –  9pm
  • Club55

    Take in views of the twinkling city with 50% off Club55’s signature cocktails – Pink Lady, New York Whisky Sour and the CLUB55.

    • Tue: 9pm – 12am
  •  CUT by Wolfgang Puck

    Imbibe a Rough Love cocktail at 50% off. CUT’s signature drink is an exquisite fusion of Champagne, Tanqueray No. Ten and Yatagarasu Shiso Ume.

    • Tue: 6pm –  9pm
  • Dallas

    Sit al fresco by the waterfront promenade while enjoying these cocktails – Yuzu Mojito, Mimosa and Dark N Stormy – at half price. 

    • Tue: 6pm –  9pm
  • Db Bistro and Oyster Bar

    Enjoy White Cosmopolitan, a photogenic concoction featuring a purple orchid encased in an oversized ice cube, or escape to the Caribbean with one of our four signature Tiki cocktails – Conga Punch, Hurricane, Mai Tai and Zombie – for half price.

    • Tue: 6pm –  9pm
  • LAVO

    Kick back with a half-price Night King cocktail – an intriguing blend of White Walker by Johnnie Walker whisky, Disaronno, Peychaud’s Bitters and rosemary.

    • Tue: 6pm –  9pm
  • Spago Bar & Lounge

    For half the price, enjoy the Love You Long Time cocktail – a vibrant, spicy-sweet mix of Ketel One Vodka, tangerine, Thai basil and sparkling sake.

    • Tue: 6pm –  9pm
  • Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

    Indulge in Yardbird’s repertoire of cocktails for half the price. Signature drinks include Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade, Southern Revival and Watermelon Sling.

    • Tue: 6pm –  9pm

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