アートサイエンス オンスクリーンの過去の映画

アートサイエンス オンスクリーンの過去の映画イベントのアーカイブ。


Animal Powers

Animal Powers 

From 30 May
Expression Gallery | Level 4 I Free admission

A miniseries of films featuring some of our most familiar animal friends transformed to become heroes of their own spectacular adventures. Including much-loved films from the Philippines and Malaysia, Animal Powers explores how cinema has imagined a world where otherwise overlooked animals and humans alike take matters into their own hands (or feet) in order to save the day. 



Cicak Man

Follow the shy protagonist Hairi who obtains lizard-like powers quite by accident…


Suddenly able to shrink in scale but increase in strength, a reformed burglar must embrace his inner hero and save the world.


A down-and-out warehouse worker takes on spider powers to defeat his enemy and win the girl of his dreams.

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Beat of the Street

Beat of the Street

From 30 Apr
Expression Gallery I Level 4 I  Free admission

Documentary film-makers have captured the heartbeat of Street Art since its inception. Capturing every new style, following every new crew, documentaries have created a legacy for an art form which is otherwise ephemeral and over time have charted the changing attitudes towards urban art. 

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ArtScience on Screen

ArtScience on Screen

From 1 April 2018

Discover exciting documentaries that celebrate the art and science of natural history!

Follow one of the icons of scientific illustrations, John James Audubon who created the masterpiece Birds of America in 1838 and discover how the incredible copperplates were nearly smelted down and lost forever.

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Africa’s Wild Kingdom Reborn

Africa’s Wild Kingdom Reborn

From 24 Apr

Experience the incredible and inspiring rebirth of an African wilderness through the eyes of Emmy® Award-winning wildlife cameraman Bob Poole. Darting lions, wrestling crocs, facing down angry elephants – it’s all part of a day’s work as he joins the battle to re-wild a legendary national park.

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ArtScience on Screen: Beat of the Street

ArtScience on Screen: Beat of the Street

From 12 January 2018 
Expression Gallery, Level 4

Documentary film-makers have captured the heartbeat of street art since its inception. Capturing every new style, following every new crew, documentaries have created a legacy for an art form which is otherwise ephemeral, and over time charted the changing attitudes towards urban art.

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artscience-on-screen: Yok & Sheryo

Yok & Sheryo

From 2 March 2018 

Escape with ‘Professional Spraycationers’ Yok & Sheryo, two visual artists from Australia and Singapore on their travels from Coney Island to Ethiopia in a selection of their unique graffiti travelogues.

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Wallwriters at Marina Bay Sands

Wall Writers

From 11 February 2018

Discover the birth of graffiti with renowned wall writers from New York City and Philadelphia from the late 60s and early 70s and the culture of their time through exclusive interviews.

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アートサイエンス オンスクリーンの『5 to 9』

アートサイエンス オンスクリーン:5 to 9

11月5日、11日~12日、18日~19日、26日、12月3日 | 午後2時、午後3時30分、午後5時

11月6日~10日、13日~14日、17日、20日~21日、23日、27日、12月4日~5日 | 午後5時


‬Expression Gallery、4階
上映時間80分 | 入場無料

カテゴリー:M18: 性的描写 & 粗暴な言葉遣い


4つの短編映画で構成される『5 to 9』は、サッカーの2014年ワールドカップの歴史に残るブラジル対ドイツ戦の日の午後5時から翌朝9時までに世界各地で繰り広げられた報われない愛と別れを描いた作品です。



『5 to 9』は、アートサイエンスミュージアムおよびシンガポール国際映画祭の共同開催により上映されます。

アートサイエンス オンスクリーン:アニメシーズン


会場: エクスプレッション ギャラリー (4 階 )
日付: 6月9日~11日、14日、15日、17日~25日
営業時間 : 午前10時30分、午後12時35分、午後2時40分、午後4時45分

上映時間: 2時間5分


チルドレンズ シーズンと並行して、アートサイエンス オンスクリーンでは、象徴的なアニメ製作所、スタジオジブリによる、受賞歴のある歴代のアニメ作品の数々を上映します。最高の夢の製作所による驚異的なビジュアルの美しさと想像力を、4本の傑作を通じてお楽しみください。6月から7月まで上映します。

日時に関しては、 こちらをクリックしてください。

ArtScience on Screen: Look at the Earth from the Universe

Look at the Earth from the Universe 

Venue: Expression Gallery, Level 4
Dates: 3 – 5 Jun (Shown in a continuous loop) 

Running time: 1hr 43min

'Look at the Earth from the Universe’ is a companion programme of single screen artists’ films to compliment The Universe and Art: An Artistic Voyage through Space. The exhibition is a journey through the cosmos, exploring where we came from and where we are going. It weaves a rich constellation of Eastern and Western philosophies, ancient and contemporary art, and science and religion, to explore how humanity has constantly contemplated its presence in the Universe.

With elements of science fiction and strong strands of performance, ‘Look at the Earth from the Universe’ explores our fascination with space and questions what might happen in an encounter with other intelligent life. 

This screening programme of single-channel video works was curated by Tsubaki Reiko (Associate Curator at Mori Art Museum, Tokyo). It is a part of ArtScience Museum’s Art and Science of Space season. 

ArtScience on Screen: Look at the Earth from the Universe

Facing the Unknown

Running time: 13 minutes 59 seconds
Rating: G

As often in Yamamoto Takayuki’s practice our world in this video is reflected in the eyes of the child. As the wonders of the universe is explained in its increasingly intricate detail, flickers of wonder at its scale as well as frustration at its complexity register in the eyes of two small children. As a professor of physics explain the phenomena of black holes, much of what they felt they knew about the world becomes undone. 

About Director: Yamamoto Takayuki 
Yamamoto Takayuki is a Japanese artist, based in Tokyo and has a background as a teacher. As an artist he works in mixed media and has exhibited his work internationally.


ArtScience on Screen: Look at the Earth from the Universe

The Moonwalk Machine 

Running time: 5 minutes 4 seconds
Rating: PG

“The Moonwalk Machine – Selena’s Step” is a short film visualizing an amateur scientist Selena’s attempt to imitate her idol, a superhero Lunar Girl by constructing a high heel rover and launching it on the surface of the moon. To create Selena's rover, Sputniko! sought out NASA's Universities Space Research Association and Lunar Planetary Institute for an accurate prototype. Through a series of complex calculations, scientific breakthrough, and hands-on engineering our protagonist rewrites history to leave a very female imprint on our space legacy.

About Director: Sputniko! 
Sputniko! is a British/Japanese artist and scientist whose works push the boundaries of gender and cultural norms and include machines, robotics, music and video practices exploring issues surrounding technology and pop culture. 

ArtScience on Screen: Look at the Earth from the Universe

The Space Camp

Running time: 6 minutes 46 seconds
Rating: PG

Produced on the occasion of Tom Sachs' “Space Program: MARS 2012” at the Park Avenue Armory in New York, “Space Camp” is an athletic, dietary and psychological conditioning program, designed to prepare Tom Sachs' crew for the rigors of the Mars mission. Handmade but carefully studied and obsessive in detail, the crew recreates every aspect of a space program regime, the minutia of the costume and comradery of the mission. 

About Director: Tom Sachs
American sculptor Tom Sachs often recreates culturally significant objects or event in inexpensive, non-industrial materials. 
ArtScience on Screen: Look at the Earth from the Universe


Running time: 4 minutes 16 seconds
Rating: PG

In a multimedia practice Singaporean artist Ho Tzu Nyen often juxtaposes historical facts and with performed rituals and absurd or humourous situation. In Newton, we are one hand floating in gravity-defying whiteness, whilst at the same time watching a seemingly significant white opus falling to hit our all-white protagonist in the head. In a Sisyphean circular narrative, normal laws of physics and time seem to have been dissolved, and action have little or no consequence.

About Director: Ho Tzu Nyen 

Singaporean artist Ho Tzu Nyen represented Singapore in 54th Venice Biennale and has participated in Cannes Film Festival and Sundance as well as numerous media art festivals and international exhibitions.
ArtScience on Screen: Look at the Earth from the Universe

Planet A & Planet Z 

Running time: 17 minutes 10 seconds
Rating: G

A first work in the Planet series, “Planet A” shows a worrisome, strange yet playful world composed only of salt crystal formations. The physical beauty and corrosive character of these crystals appear like an invading and dangerous force in a fragile ecosystem. 
In Planet Z, the second in the Planet series, the artist creates a gigantic world out of oddly domestic protagonists: sprouts, mold and fungus. These tiny elements infest and colonise, in a dystopian vision of a rapidly changing world. 

About Director: Seto Momoko
Through her video works, extensively presented at prominent film festivals around the world Japanese artist Momoko Seto invites us to undertake sensorial journeys through highly poetic and unusual worlds. 

ArtScience on Screen: Look at the Earth from the Universe

Towards the Possible Film

Running time: 19 minutes 20 seconds
Rating: PG

In a surreal encounter, two otherworldly figures meet the indigenous inhabitants of a rocky coast. The meeting of tribes is charged with tension and distrust, and narrated in hallucinatory, distorted bursts. Their indigenous dialects long forgotten and their temples in ruins, perhaps the inhabitants here have reason to be on guard, as the fragility of civilisations is explored as a science fiction narrative, with strong colonial undertones.

About Director: Shezad Dawood
London based artist Shezad Dawood creates multi-media works drawing inspiration from his Pakistani, Indian and British cultural heritage. His poetic practice across a variety of media is concerned with notions of place and language and translation.
ArtScience on Screen: Look at the Earth from the Universe

Black Rain

Running time: 3 minutes
Rating: PG

“Black Rain” is made in collaboration with scientists and sourced from images collected by the twin satellite, solar mission, STEREO. Here we see the HI (Heliospheric Imager) visual data as it tracks interplanetary space for solar wind and CME's (coronal mass ejections) heading towards Earth. Using raw scientific satellite data which has not yet been cleaned and processed for public consumption, the work reminds us of the presence of the human observer who endeavors to extend our perceptions and knowledge through technological innovation.

About Director: Semiconductor 
Semiconductor is an artist duo made up of UK artist duo Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. Their moving image works are concerned with scientific practices and data, and has been exhibited internationally.
ArtScience on Screen: Look at the Earth from the Universe


Running time: 17 minutes 40 seconds
Rating: PG

A re-imagination of traditional the traditional myths of Mao Son, who is said to have come from Venus millions of years ago. During a new visit to contemporary Japan, the Defender Lord wants to reassemble the trinity of Love, Power and Sun to bring harmony and peace to the universe. In a fluid mix of genres, the film questions the role of outsiders and highlights the tension between tradition and new thinking.

About Director: Alexandre Maubert
Alexandre Maubert is a French filmmaker and visual artist. His work is often concerned with mythologies of the part and notions of utopia of the future.

ArtScience on Screen: Look at the Earth from the Universe

Space Noise 

Running time: 8 minutes 25 seconds
Rating: G

Space Noise is an ongoing project that has already been shown in 18 countries around the world since 2013. Evolving through partnerships with musicians and video artists, it is usually shown as a live performance. Here the artist presents a shorter version of the work, provoking the imagination of a viewer by playing with the qualities of film.

About Director: Makino Takashi
Japanese artist Makino Takashi’s practice engages in experimental film. His video works explore the unique qualities of the medium, in particular its treatment of time and relationship with audience. Abandoning conventional structure, the artist layers images over each other and often performs live to allow them to interact in ways that also harness the qualities of chance. With the help of musician collaborators, Makino Takashi creates unpredictable encounters.
ArtScience on Screen: Look at the Earth from the Universe

Lunar Economic Zone

Running time: 4 minutes 19 seconds
Rating: G

From a mid-autumn lunar celebration in 2028, this animation reflects a version of the future where China has mastered the extraction of ‘lunar minerals’ and has become a resource-rich and technologically advanced superpower. The film unfolds as a Mid-August Day Lunar Mineral Parade takes place in the newly-formed Lunar Economic Zone, an administrative agglomeration of Shenzhen and the Moon. In this not too distant future many of the hallmarks of our contemporary life remains, and the parade although grander and more urban that we could currently imagine still carries an uncanny resemblance to the world today. 

About Director: Zhan Wang 

London-based artist Zhan Wang works in a variety of media, including sculpture and video. Motifs are often appropriated from contemporary Chinese culture and treated in a simple yet thought-provoking way. 
アートサイエンス オンスクリーン:宇宙映画

アートサイエンス オンスクリーン:宇宙映画

刺激的なスペースアドベンチャーを探検! 1960年代にNASAの中核チームの一部を構成していた女性数学者、プログラマー、エンジニアに従い、月の影の部分の孤独や予期しない人工知能との親交を体験したり、ブライアン・コックス氏と太陽系の不思議を調べたり、宇宙で他の生物形態を発見した場合に私たちが直面する課題について想像してみましょう。

ファミリーフライデーのイベントでは、これまでの多くの子供向けSFアドベンチャーをもとに、自分の宇宙船を作る夢が叶ったり、 友好的な宇宙人が一緒に生活するためにやって来たりしたらどうなるかを試すことができます。

画像著作権: ヒドゥン・フィギュアズ、20世紀フォックス

アートサイエンス オンスクリーン:水

アートサイエンス オンスクリーン:Water


シャーマン・オン、アピチャートポン・ウィーラセータクン、ウー・ミン・ジン、チャーリーベブス・ゴヘチア、ミン・グエン・ヴォーやカミラ・アンディニといった有名な東南アジアのアーティストや映画製作者による作品に描かれているのは、非常に広い観点から、深く本質に迫る水の物語です。オンの映画「Flooding in the Time of Drought」で描かれる水はシンガポールの臨時外国人労働者の仕事の盛衰のメタファーとして描かれ、一方アピチャートポンの「Mekong Hotel」では水が対立や悪行の源や背景として描かれています。ウー・ミン・ジンがカメラを通して伝える「Woman On Fire Looks for Water」は、マレーシアの生業としての伝統漁法の消えゆく状況を描いた傑作です。チャーリーベブス・ゴヘチアの「Chasing Waves」では、環境と政治情勢のせいで引き裂かれる家族の中にある、2人の少年のイマジネーションを垣間見ることができます。また、グエン・ヴォーはSFスリラー「2030」で気候変動を真っ向から取り上げています。カミラ・アンディニもまた直接的なアプローチで減少する海洋資源について「The Mirror Never Lies」で取り上げ、修復不可能な危機の淵に立つインドネシアの漁村の物語を巧みな手法で見せます。   


Lo and Behold: つながる世界の夢想


もはやインターネットのない生活など考えられない世の中に生きている私たちですが、インターネットがどこまで社会を複雑化し、またどれほど未知の可能性を秘めているのかについて改めて考えることはほとんどありません。奇才ヴェルナー・ヘルツォークはそんな時代を見つめ、起業家イーロン・マスクからゲーム中毒者にまでわたる幅広いインタビューを通して、大胆かつ空想に満ちた観点から、インターネットにより急速につながりだした世界をスピード感とユーモアを交えて映し出します。「Lo and Behold」は、「ビッグバンデータ」展とあわせて上映されます。

ヴェルナー・ヘルツォークは「アギーレ / 神の怒り」 (1972 年) 、「フィツカラルド」 (1982 年) 、「グリズリーマン」 (2005 年) などの名作で知られる、世界トップクラスの映画監督。15歳で映画製作に関わりはじめ、それ以来70本を超える映画の脚本、製作、監督を手掛けてきました。そしてその40年以上にわたる輝かしいキャリアを通じて、不可能な夢を追うヒーロー、特異な才能を持つ人々、自然と対峙する人間の描写において常に革新を起こし続けてきたのです。ヘルツォークの映画づくりは常識の枠にとらわれることを知らず、蒸気船をロープで引き上げ山を越えさせたり(「フィツカラルド」1982年)、NASAの科学者たちとコラボレーションしたり、(「ザ ワイルド ブルー ヨンダー」2005年)、大胆に新しいテクノロジーを取り入れたり(「世界最古の洞窟壁画 忘れられた夢の記憶」2010年)といった斬新なアプローチで映画を完成させてきました。また、数々の名誉ある賞も受賞しており、2009年には、タイム誌の「世界で最も影響力のある100人」にも名を連ねました。









オブザベーション - マリーナベイ・サンズのアートサイエンス オンスクリーン





Particle Fever - マリーナベイ・サンズのアートサイエンス オンスクリーン

「Particle Fever」

2013年のドキュメンタリー映画「Particle Fever」は、科学的発見がなされた最も重大な瞬間のひとつに立ち会わせてくれます。史上最大の実験、大型ハドロン衝突型加速器の準備と立ち上げに携わる6人の科学者を追った、深く心動かされるドキュメンタリー映画です。私たちを取り巻く世界についての理解の枠を越えようとする彼らの一喜一憂、そして将来への不安と希望を辿ります。