The Ultimate Michelin-Starred Dinner at Sands Expo and Convention Centre

Find out how Sands Expo and Convention Centre and six Michelin-star chefs combined their culinary prowess to put together a star-studded dinner to remember for this year’s Michelin Star Revelation and Gala Dinner.

12 July was a star-studded night at Sands Grand Ballroom as Marina Bay Sands celebrated some of the best chefs in Singapore’s culinary scene at the Michelin Star Revelation and Gala Dinner. As these culinary giants gave their toque blanche a rest for the evening, the kitchens at Sands Expo kept busy as six Michelin-star chefs served up a beautifully curated six-course dinner worthy of Singapore’s most discerning palates.

These chefs included Singaporean chefs Mathew Leong of 2-star RE-NAA in Norway, Jimmy Lim of 2-star JL Studio in Taichung, Barry Quek of 1-star Whey in Hong Kong, and Angela Lai of 2-star Taïrroir in Taipei. Tristin Farmer of Singapore’s 3-star Zén and Tetsuya Wakuda of 2-star Waku Ghin at Marina Bay Sands made up the star-studded line-up.


Stars from Singapore’s culinary world at this year’s highly anticipated Michelin Star Revelation and Gala Dinner


Pre-event planning

But serving this dinner is contrary to anything these accomplished chefs have ever done before. Unlike the familiarity offered in the comfort of their restaurants, the chefs were faced with several challenging tasks – feeding 450 guests in one seating, working in a new kitchen environment with different supporting chefs.

Time was of the essence, and the clock was ticking. While a regular event of this scale would typically take six months to plan and organise, the team did it in just five weeks and involved the expertise of multiple departments from Marina Bay Sands – procurement, F&B operations, stewarding, banquet, and more. The departments also had to specially cater to six different chefs – located in different locales - with varying requirements to successfully create the dishes they envisioned.

To prepare themselves for the task, the team at Marina Bay Sands meticulously researched the profiles of each chef and their restaurants, their culinary philosophies and methodologies and signature dishes. Kick-off meetings were held virtually with individual chefs to establish the relationship and to hear from the chefs on their respective requirements, from the ingredients to the equipment and support needed.


Fresh Yuba from Kyoto with Hokkaido Sea Urchin, Oscietra Caviar and fresh wasabi, presented by 
Chef Tetsuya Wakuda of two-Michelin-star Waku Ghin

Drawing inspiration from Singapore cuisine and its indelible influences, the menu featured amazing produce such as the Hokkaido sea urchin from Japan and Australia’s jade grass-fed wagyu beef. Marina Bay Sands’ procurement team worked closely with the chefs and international suppliers to source only the finest for the dinner and quickly to overcome supply chain challenges. Proper storage of these premium ingredients was also critical in preserving their freshness.

Just three days before the Michelin Star Revelation and Gala Dinner, Sands Grand Ballroom hosted a high-octane concert hall for South Korean hip-hop group EPIK HIGH and their fans. No stranger to handling back-to-back events, the MICE team expertly transformed the ballroom from a concert setting into a sophisticated 450-pax sit-down dinner of the highest calibre. Lights, tables, ceiling works, carpentry and audiovisual requirements were rolled out in just 48 hours to welcome the best in Singapore’s culinary scene.

Over 3,800 glassware, 5,000 pieces of tableware and 8,000 plates were also used throughout the event. The team took two weeks to ensure every piece were shone and spotless.


Chef Mathew Leong, one of the six chefs that presented this year’s dinner, was supported by
an army of experienced chefs from Sands Expo and Convention Centre



Good ingredients were not enough. Special coordination, support and attention were given to transform them into a gastronomic experience on event day. Hours before the event, the banquet team meticulously double decanted about 250 bottles of red wine to enhance their flavour and aroma.

The kitchens also came alive with activity. Over 100 chefs from Marina Bay Sands’ culinary team were mobilised to support the six chefs and their respective teams on event day. 12 students from ITE’s School of Hospitality were given the opportunity to support these renowned chefs and gain real-life experience working in the hustle and bustle of a full-service kitchen operation. Operating like a well-oiled machine, chefs were assigned to specific cook positions with each member having a clear purpose and role.

Over at the front of house, as many as 120 servers from the stewarding and banquet teams supported with synchronised table service, handling the delicate dishes with elegance and care.


Synchronised table service added a touch of elegance and care to the highly prestigious dinner


Marina Bay Sands also planned a cocktail reception as a prelude to the dinner. In line with the dinner’s theme, “Singapore Celebrated”, the MICE F&B team specially designed and served up 14 delectable canapes such as plant-based chicken satay, pulled beef cheek rendang pop, ondeh ondeh and Tea Tarik macaroons, as a nod to the diverse, multicultural dining scene in Singapore.

With so many moving parts to the event, Marina Bay Sands’ Executive Chef Matthew Helm also played a crucial role in coordinating all six teams from the very beginning. Like a conductor, Chef Matthew orchestrated the different teams from the beginning to ensure they were in perfect harmony for a smooth dinner service.

Chef Matthew said: “I am personally honoured to be part of the team and can’t thank them enough for their dedication and professionalism.  Witnessing everything coming together, the camaraderie and mutual respect between our own culinary team and guest chefs was truly a fulfilling experience. Friendships were forged, with new innovative culinary ideas and presentation learned. It was also a rare learning experience – guest chefs got to experience the mammoth capacity of Marina Bay Sands’ banquet facilities, while our team had the opportunity to learn from the best. It was also a great opportunity for the budding talents from ITE’s School of Hospitality to develop their skills alongside some of the best in the industry.”