Many people say that to really understand a country, you have to understand its cuisine. In Singapore, there’s no shortage of things to do if you like food – you’ll find some of the world’s best dishes here! But what about going deeper and venturing into the kitchen to understand how the food’s prepared, the ingredients that go into it, and the culture of eating and cooking? Taking a cooking class may be one of the most interesting things you can do in Singapore.

For a taste of Singaporean nostalgia, take a class specialising in kampung cooking. Kampung is the Malay word for ‘village’, which was the centre of life in the Malayan peninsula before high-density urbanisation replaced most villages. Many older Singaporeans once lived in kampungs.

Cookery Magic's Pulai Ubin Kampong Cooking Escapade is a class held in a century-old family home in a surviving kampung on the island of Pulau Ubin, which you'll reach with a short ferry ride from a jetty in Changi. Once on the island, you'll collect wild herbs to use in preparing traditional kampung dishes including nasi kerabu (herbed rice with fried chicken and condiments).

If you prefer to stay on the mainland, Cookery Magic also has simple home cooking classes for local and regional cuisine such as Hainanese chicken rice, chili crab, and roti prata. On most days of the week, you can add a shopping trip to a local wet market where you’ll be amazed at the mélange of sights, sounds and smells that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

A similar experience is offered by Palate Sensations cooking school. Its tourist cooking class was designed especially for visitors to Singapore. You'll shop for fresh ingredients at a local market, cook up a menu of Singaporean favourites in a professional kitchen, and afterwards enjoy eating your culinary creations.

And if you want to learn as many recipes as you can in a short amount of time, check out the Singaporean cooking classes at Coriander Leaf. The chef will demonstrate making six or seven local dishes, such as Hainanese chicken rice, lamb satay, and bee hoon (Singapore-style vermicelli noodles) – so you'll walk away practically an expert!

The Singaporean cooking culture is traditionally communal, and cooking a meal is as much of a social experience as eating it. Recipes and secrets are passed down from generation to generation, and many Singaporeans have strong opinions on the best ways to make local dishes.


昔からあるシンガポール料理を習いたいのなら、カンポン料理の教室があちこちで開催されています。カンポン とは、マレー語で「村」を意味します。多くの村が都市と化す以前、マレー半島では、村が生活の中心でした。人生をカンポンで過ごしたシンガポール人の高齢者なら、その暮らしぶりを喜んで教えてくれるはずです。また、ウビン島カンポン・クッキング・エスカペイド料理教室に参加すれば、さらにいろいろな体験ができます。この料理教室は、チャンギ桟橋からフェリーですぐのウビン島で開催されています。ウビン島の小さな集落に足を踏み入れただけで、歴史を感じることができます。この料理教室では、築100年にもなる古い家屋を見学したり、自生しているハーブを集めたり、伝統的なマレー料理を学ぶことができます。