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3 Reasons to Visit CUT

With a name like CUT, you know you’ll get the best quality of meats here. The restaurant’s Executive chef Joshua Brown offers three reasons why any visitor to Marina Bay Sands shouldn’t miss a dining experience here.

1) The rarest, finest cuts

To set itself apart from the competition, chef Joshua makes it a point to offer customers premium options that are rarely found in most steakhouses. For example, he brought in the Longhorn beef to CUT late last year and will soon be introducing the Scottish Highland beef. “I’ve been sourcing different varieties of cattle that people would normally have to travel to specific places to try. The Longhorn and Scottish Highland varieties have a little more ‘chew’ to them and might come across as a little gamey. These types of beef are for the true connoisseurs.”

2) Simple flavours that stand out

“I prefer food to not be overly intricate. Just like how cooking a steak requires little additives or complex techniques, I prefer to let the freshness of the ingredient take the spotlight in cooking. We don’t do anything overly special at CUT. We just source the best product we can get and we do the best we can with it.”

3) An elegant, Michelin-star experience

From its décor to it service and the types of meat served, a dining experience at CUT is a culinary experienced best described as a harmony between kitchen, chef and guest. “Our Michelin-star win is also down to the team at CUT that really cares about putting out a great product. You can have the best product and the best chef in the world, but if just one person in the kitchen doesn’t care about what he’s doing, it’s going to show.”

Social Hour

Every Tuesday from 6 to 9 pm, signature cocktails at Marina Bay Sands’ dining establishments are served at a 50 per cent discount. Sip your way through the Ramos Gin Fizz cocktails at Bread Street Kitchen to the Love You Long Time cocktails at Spago. Social Hour at Marina Bay Sands is on at all participating venues. Visit hour for details.


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