都市のスカイラインのパノラマビューに囲まれ、輝くクリスタルパビリオン内に位置するAvalonは、マリーナベイの海にドラマチックにそびえ立っています。 ハリウッドのクラブの先駆けであり、そのビッグクラブの醍醐味とパーティー好きのスターたちで知られた世界的に有名なブランドAvalonは、2011年9月のオープン以来、常に多くのファンを集めています。 ワールドクラスのミュージックアクト、革新的な設計、大がかりで最先端の照明とサウンドがグラマラスでエネルギッシュなクラウドとあいまったAvalonに行けば、いつでも他では味わえない体験ができます。

Wednesdays: Hakuna Matata

It's a night of midweek epic fun every Wednesday, where the guys and girls get together for the big club experience. DJ Inquisitive instigates the party with his unique blend of commercial tunes and radio hits, and nothing makes the music sweeter than $10 house-pour drinks all night.

Cover charge: Free entry for ladies including 3 standard drinks, $20 for guys including 1 standard drink.

Fridays: Volume

Volume Fridays aim to keep the club party rocking long into the night with your favourite party music and high-energy bangers. The open-format night features International guest artistes alongside Avalon residents Effen and DJ Inquisitive, who add flair to the sets with their delirious tunes.

Cover charge: $25 before 11.30pm including 1 standard drink, $30 after 11.30pm including 1 standard drink.

Saturdays: Avaland

Since its inception in 1997, Avaland has delivered legendary Saturday nights to Los Angeles, marrying eye-popping productions with the world's top DJs. Touching down in Singapore, the formula for Avaland is simple: a fixture of the best talents coupled with ever-changing major production sets, vivacious live entertainment, in front of a crowd of seriously up-for-it party people.

Cover charge: $25 before 11.30pm including 1 standard drink, $30 after 11.30pm including 1 standard drink.

Sundays: Avalon on Sundays

Drawing a fashion elite and industry crowd, A.O.S. is the place to scene and be seen every Sunday. Look for weekly shows, special events, dazzling production, and guest DJs - making it a fast-growing tradition to ending your week in clubbing style.

Cover charge: $30 including 1 standard drink.




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  • テーブルのご予約 (Ramon): +65 9238 0703